Saturday, June 16, 2012

5 Years

Dear Gail,

I'm sure that you know this, but Lauren and Justin just graduated!!!! You're looking on all of us and interceding and cheering for us, just as Jesus does.

I know that it pleases you to do his will. Now you can experience that intimacy first hand and be close to Him.

Being close to Him and, at the same time being far from us is still hard.,because we miss you.

We were able to celebrate Mother's Day @ Peter's cafe with Greg as usual. It brought back good memories of past Mother's Day@ Peter's with all of us.
I'm thankful for those memories...

Tomorrow is Father's Day and Devon offered to go to the morning prayer time with me as a Father's Day present
because he knew that it would bless me. It did, and it hasn't even happened yet!!!

We all miss you. Devon and I are going to practice driving this morning @ CSM then go to Farmer's Mkt, then breakfast.

Love you,


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